WassuP (Prod. by Yung Pro )

Mandrix ft Westy Muzy

single (2018)

[ Chorus ]

Tell em niggas that I'm back again it's the remix wassup..
Tell em hunies that the name is Westy maybe we can hook
always posted up in 416 WassuP

[ Mαndrix ]
I'm one of the best and they know,
I'm bout to blow up like smoke yeah,
bout to complete all my laps,
pay up the price we go show up,
that's how it goes,
we're on the move but they're dragging em feet dipper than love,
none of my niggers had faith in themselves,
neither do I?
u was no perfect,
I tried to get low in my crib,
she stepped in my room with a bible and thought me to pray,
I had some cannons including em rivals who wasted thy hatred on me,
Jah Jah dropped blessings on me YEAH!
bless up the struggle and turn up the ting Yeah!
turn up the ting!

[ Westy Muzy ]

Wassup im back again with this remix, strictly rap man no gimmicks. Runnin out of ckean pages in mg rhyme book, barz on barz on every page like im tryna shake Pac in his grave. Got enough gasoline in my tank I wanna take it further, out of reach, niggas tryna stop me that's a death wish. Uh niggas is basic, feeling yourselves we don't feel shit when u rap like cute girls with no asses, u jus lack passion sounding whack in ur accent I just press next track. Take some notes when I rap kid thats a good lecture better not try me better not test me....still the freshest out here niggas doubt me I dont stress about it, when I drop the tape then you gonn know about me, dropping bodies without pulling triggers. Ask your galfriend yeah she knows about me, I only stick to facts man when I rap about it. Watch me closely something is bout to happen I dont speak about 'less my heart is in it wassup.