Malom Elboy

Malom Elboy, (most commonly known as Elboy) is a Mpumalanga based rapper real name Lefa Mogakane born and bred in the dusty parts of Bushbuckridge (Chochocho)

The young Mopulana boy fell for hip-hop at a very young stage whilst listening to G-Unit, 50 Cent, D 12 , Slim Shady, Andre 2000 DMX and e.t.c. but during that time he never thought of being a rapper himself.

His first studio recording was in 2016 when he broke up with his girlfriend then he wrote a semi true story song (Stand up) about it and it was good music ever since then.

The rapper is now counted amongst the biggest starts in Bushbuckridge hip-hop due to his unique styles of rap and trap.



Be my panda EP