Some things change
some remain the same
i-vili l’yajika

Bathi we gon’ fall bona they will rise
Bathi we gon’ fall but we so surprised

[Verse one]
Pain in my thoughts tryna write the song
But no pain can right my wrongs
Thinking of the things I did just tryna win
Forgot family until I had a dying kin
Now I’m dreaming of the time we coulda spent
Coulda been a better cuz coulda made a better attempt
Manje boy you gone and
but you remain in my voice and songs and
my heart, my ancestry, my boys are strong
so when I roar in this jungle, my noise is ??
From here to Naija,
still on the search for Rands and Nairas
notes with tigers
still on the verge to rise up
you still in ?? ciphers
now that’s for misers
and I’m tryna get paid
God gave me the way
the talent that he gave me


[verse two]
From suka le
ngabona lent’i’lula nje
as long ng’hlale ng’phusha je
Ng’yoz’thola living good – life kumnande
animal give the game life – Jumanje
heh..umfana kaMagubane
Africa’s champ..??
been killing from mzukwane
and I’ve been running it for long – rap Mugabe
I’m with my boy crusing daar es’god’ phola
s’gibel’i-Porsche and daar e-rose mora
or s’thole la izol’ikhona
mara s’true siblind mara s’yan’foja
I know they dyna plot
but we strike while the iron’s hot
ntwana s’on’goba
I know they firing shots
but it’s okay, got my eyes on that guap
mfana s’on’bona


[verse three]
Fele out yami, vele ngasho ngathi
Bafun’isandla nengalo mngani
Bafun’uhambe ngesab’is’khathi
when I talk greener pastures babhek’ingadi
So we don’t vision the same thing
everything I vision I envision to claim, king
Na, we don’t mission the same thing
everything I mission, their admission is paying, king
in blood and sweat, tears and stress
it always gets harder when you near success
ya…so kwamel’u-pushe
and never give up fele ngek’ulose
and better live up to all the disciplines
’cause if ufun’inyuku it takes more than wishing it
gotta get up and go, pusha pressa
’cause if you ever die broke bazok’chwensa


Round and round, up and down it goes, it goes
ngithi round and round, up and down it goes, it goes