Six Mabone

Mafikizolo are back in the limelight with a new project ‘Six Mabone’. I think the group has really done a lot for SA music industry. This group has in the past rocked big time ma man, back in the days when they came out with their commercial smash hit ‘Lotto’.

During those days, I remember everyone in my hometown was singing that song, even bo o’ladys (mothers) were getting down boss. You see, their success story dates back… I mean way back when Mafikizolo was still on the up and coming.

Do you remember their 2002 album ‘Sibongile’? Haaa… Tell me you haven’t forgotten about it because hits like ‘Marambi’, ‘Ndihamba Nawe’, ‘Gugo’thandayo’ and ‘ Morena’ caused huge damage on the music scene. I don’t even have to go into the details of their 2003 release ‘Kwela’ which featured songs like, ‘Kwela Kwela’, ‘Munt’omnyama’, ‘Udakwa Njalo’ and zulu ballad – ‘Emlanjeni’.

Not long after the group was still recovering from loosing a group member, Tebogo Benedict Madingoane who got shot dead in a road rage incident, they dropped yet another promising album ‘Van Toeka af’. Even then, their afro-pop, jazzy, marambi and kwela mixed with modern kwaito style was rocking. You should ask my other African brothers and sisters about songs like, ‘The journey’, ‘Nisixoshelani’ and ‘Inkomo’… They’ll tell you.

Here comes 2006 and the group have just released yet another project which I don’t think matches any of their past albums standards. Mafikizolo has lost that Kwela and Marambi feel that they successfully used as their trade mark for years. I don’t even want to write about their tendency of copying other artists’ flowing song styles because I guess you know that they are good at that.

The first song, ‘Ondenzantoni’ is just a re-polished version of the group’s 2002 hit ‘Ndihamba Nawe’. Having a clear understanding of where Mafikizolo comes from, this album is missing something that defines their sound.

As an obvious case, Mafikizolo has become a well known brand and I won’t be surprised if I hear that this album reaches platinum. But for someone who really knows Mafikizolo’s s’gubu, I don’t think that person will be impressed with this offering as much as I’m not!


# Title Length
Walila 3:33
2 O tswa kae 4:17