Mafikizolo is back!

No really, the legendary South Africa group that brought you hits like Lotto, Emlanjeni, Ndihambha Nawe, Udakwa Njalo is back!

After a while pursuing their individual careers, Theo Kgosinkwe and Nhlanhla Nciza put together a 15 track album, Reunited, that will make you dance and celebrate Africa-sound. This album, which is the group’s 8th studio album has not only seen the two members reuniting, but it will unite all Africans.

The have mastered the authentic Mafikizolo sound, and still made it relevant to the Africa we live in now. It’s a language rich album.

With that said, South African producers Uhuru also need a special mention, they are magnificent producers on the rise, producing the strongest tracks on this album, Khona and Happiness.

It wouldn’t be an authentic Mafikizolo album without a little bit of kwaito, social commentary, hope-filled lyrics and love which you will find in tracks Nxese, Masiqale Kabusha, Ngenxa KaThixo, Nakupenda.

Here’s to more memories being made at weddings, parties and chill-sessions with Mafikizolo loud in the background.


# Title Length
Tchelete 04:00
2 Khona 4:11
3 Happiness