Life Lessons

Life Lessons is the band’s debut full length album, and it’s a greatly appreciated kick in the teeth for 2016. Filled with the right amounts of teen angst, and a complementary amount of emotional maturity, the album delivers lyrics and harmonies that will resonate in your head hours after listening to it. The album as a whole is great in terms of its diverse appeal. Older fans will love this album because of the nostalgic sound of their teen years that it provides, while younger fans will be easily convinced that every single song on the album was written about their own life.

Lyrics such as “ignore the warning signs, yeah f*ck your seat belt lights. Engage the hazards, screaming ‘mayday’ tonight”, have definite anthemic appeal, and songs such as “Bottles” will have a girl melting in your grubby little paws if you recite the lyrics and play them off as your own poetry. Harder tracks such as “Solid Ground” reaffirms that this band definitely embraces the “punk” element of their genre tag, while “I Won’t Apologize” is the epitome of “pop” in its construction.

Vocalist, Justin James has shown immense growth in his ability since the band’s first offering on the Chemistry EP. The rest of the band including Rob Storm on drums, Sean Braam on guitar, and Brogan Thompson on bass, is as tight as ever. Every note, riff, and beat has been carefully planned and meticulously recorded, with careful attention paid to mixing and mastering.


# Title Length
1 Royalty 3:37
2 True Love 3:15
3 Mayday Tonight 3:27
4 Together (Parallel Universe) 3:22
5 Solid Ground 3:33
6 Hit the Road 3:25
7 Say I Do 3:14
8 Bittersweet 4:19
9 Bottles 3:24
10 Move 3:17
11 Dawning 3:33
12 I Won't Apologize 5:59