Made For Broadway

Made For Broadway is a four-piece pop, rock, and punk band from Johannesburg, South Africa.

Formed in early 2014, the band came out swinging with two EPs and local tours in the first 10 months of their existence - quickly earning favour with local bookers and photographers for their wild stage shows. Not ones to shy away from going big, the band self-produced their debut full-length album and put it on a DIY tour, taking them to California USA - performing the songs for the first time ever at the prestigious Whisky A Go Go, among many other local favourite spots, earning them a standing invitation to play at the Viper Room and several other well-known venues from local booking agents.

Taking a brief period to assess themselves after the tour, the band took everything they learned from LA and put it to work - with a growing fan base of over 27000 people across multiple social networks, the band hopes to prove themselves when the album launches online in February 2016.

With a strong focus on international recognition, Made For Broadway constantly work to better their live performance and songwriting, and are headed back to the USA for Summer 2016, likely with album number two.

A work ethic second to none, the band hopes to find the right management and label team to work and grow with