Deja Vu

Visions of a young dreamer 
Young schemer 
Tryna live the life style 
Of a Bill Gate 
Always got a deadline 
Got a mandate 
B*tches wanna hurt me 
Get a bandage 
First aid 
My life is never perfect 
I have too many emotions 
That can't manage 
Gotta vanish 
Ntwana I'm a kind savage 
I be killing niggas 
Causing damage 
I'm the realest 
Everything I did 
Was for me and no one else 
Life is breeze 
Cooler bag on my side 
Been thinking out the box 
Now they think that I'm crazy 
Fake friends against me 
The fame will never change me
The lines are always good 
But the message is the treasure 
There's no young me  
I ain't got no successor
I never disappoint 
Even when I'm under pressure 
I'm always the underdog
But I take no defeat 

I'm a kid with big big dreams
And you know boy 
You gotta keep it clean 
I got a lot more vision 
I'm just a kid with a vision 

They say money is the root of all evil
I see changes in the people who I thought were civil
Focused on the money, never thinkin bout the devil
ibhoza yeGame, there's no niggah in my level 
I'm the realest on the pen 
I'm the sickest on the mic 
Never running outta ink 
Diarrhea on the mic 
Mama raised a genius 
Never taken life very serious 
Just a quiet niggah 
Who looks mysterious 
Everybody gotta pay the price 
I'm a Genius 
Said it once or twice 
People fake drama just to add spice 
All my boys rolling joints like a dice
I just want the cake not a single slice 
Left handed but I'm always right 
Hardly got coins to be changing 
Never lookin back ntwan we be just paging 
The ink is what I got and the pic is what I'm drawing 
No smoke, just juice boxes flowing 
There's no niggah like the guy
Use to be a lover of the mami's with em thighs 
Niggahs full of beef like the inside of a pie 
Never go for things that you can't afford to buy

I'm a kid with big big dreams
And you know boy 
You gotta keep it clean 
I got a lot more vision 
I'm just a kid with a vision 
Life's hard like every maths activity 
And I spit words bigger than obesity 
I ignore the negative 
Focus on positive 
Visit all my relatives 
Drinking all the beverages 
Kind guy 
Sweet guy 
Don't take advantage 
Rapping in Spanish 
Sometimes a savage 
Can't even manage 
I will not vanish 
Sometimes a savage 
No competition
In a league of my own 
I rap what I own 
A rapper to the bone 
I rap what I own
There is no clone 
Lower your tone 
I rap what I own 
When u see me 
Don't call me 
The next Nasty C 
Allergic to faking 
I just keep it real 
Looking for change 
But I can't find the till 
I'm fan of myself 
I'm a wannabe me