Patrice Motsepe

Verse 1

Its been a long time money since we were apart me&music we making love amendments see now I'm making love to the beat with my lyrics spiting fire lengoma zozali hit im kasi wise langihamba khona ngyamiswa bath ngyamaz lo im not the best but ngangithatheli low cause i might rise with my head held high im not gay but for now I'm building a foundation to the money so imani with ur nagitivities ngoba la ngibusy with money activities feel my Melody till sondown(s) motsepe is the Boss and I'm BossBongzaB signing out of poverty yeah man ngobaaaaa...

verse 2

Everyday I'm just hustling to stay on top like I'm God I'm BossBongzaB and lot of them rappers are working for me that why bengbiza ngeBoss but it a pity they ain't getting paid even a cent maiby a verse I work hard for everything I get I grind even harder to stay on top
everyday I've been bawling harder than most killing them niggas like it the end of the world the return of Jesus cats keep praying tht their careers they don't fade away I'm just staying on top looking them down trying to climb their way to the top but i won't let them unless they promise to stay and not to play causeeeee...