an idea (outro)

[verse 1]
the other day iwas chillin', this idea just hit my mind,
"will ikeep on dreamin' if one day iwoke up blind?"
the only style ienjoy is when ihit it from behind
she'd let me hit it becuz im kind of one of a kind

see what i did? isaid im going cocky this time around
my one and only mission's to make my mama say she proud
iwant her to be proud that she can even say it out loud
so much many bands that ieven 'come lazy to count

1 2 3 4, damn, im lazy
the hate ireceive, damn, it's so crazy
get me a loyal girl that i'll marry
imake bands, these niggas they envy


[verse 2]
life amazing, it's like im livin' in a fantasy
my 'God-Level' progress the reason niggas mad at me
my phone keep on ringin' and ringin' like it's emergency
ifell in love with dirty, ithink that's chemistry

oh, iforgot to tell you about the idea
the deal's to take a little break off the media idont know when i'll actually be seein' ya
nigga, who knows, maybe i'll come back in a tinted car ?


voices by:
1 xxxtentacion
2 Ndabezitha Masingita [Universe Pepper]
3 Munyai Glen [Gifted Baby] (@giftedbxby)
4 Zabuya Ntsako [Nutty Rockstar] (@mr_boguskid_Im_so_nutty)