Yet you loved me

Jehovah shamah
Merciful father
I am that I am
Have came to worship you
I want to love you
Return all of my praises
My desire it's to seek
And know you more

Ch: Yet you loved me x3
am here to give you praise
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Yet you loved me x2

I was a thief
A fornicator
Gave no time for you
Yet you loved me

Never paid my tithe
Never sowed a seed
Turned my back on you
Yet you loved me


Call and response
Let the living say(yet you loved me)
Raise your voice to God (Yet you loved me)
Father God, I've come to give you praise (yet you loved me)
Despite my flaws on you
You you picked me from the dust
Planted my feets on Grace(yet you loved me)

Somebody say oh oh oh oh
Yet you loved me x2
Thank you Father (yet you loved me)
Jehovah Amana owei oh oh( yet you loved me)
Father despite all my plans
I denied you many times
I was lost in the dark
But you shined your light on me yea

God you are faithful
I was lost out on the street
Looked left and right
Waited for a saviour
You appeard with Grace
Took my sin away
Lord I can't deny your praise
Your worship and your Grace