Many thoughts on my mind
The Lord's will supper seed
In my room I fast and pray
Waiting for the word
I see his hight shining through
Now my world is bright
By his word hell is real
And by faith there's heaven
God is time life was made
And it's stage by stage
Am not in haste, not by power
Neither might, his word is Life
He's not a man that he should like
So I can win again
Amen Amen

Chorus: Amen Amen you can never ever change
Amen Amen oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Amen Amen odigoyedikagi
Amen oh oh

He's not a man that he should lie
That's who you're
Yes I am healed from every pain oh
Amen eeh eh eh eh
Yes I am free from every York
Cos am the head and not the tail