Hook (Philani)

Awu thul’ubheke wena thina ngekesdlale abafana abancane
Awu thul’ubheke boh
Sbangena kancane kancane
Awu thul’ubheke wena thina angekesdlale abafana abancane
Awu thul’ubheke boh
Sbakiller kancane kancane

Verse 1 (Lozak)

Hometown was stomping grounds its apparent now
City on my back like a parent now no infant child
City on my back like a current style like I run Durban how?
Weight on my shoulders gon slow me down?
Made it more potent and less watered down
Like a bottle of stiff with no soda down
You know the sound, sort of a motor mouth
No quarters out, it’s not Mickey Mouse
Its slaughterhouse no daughters out
Be border-bound or be brought down like a bloodhound
Blood in blood out
Blood, peep the style not rented out
I vent it out till the inks out
Send the links out to chicks out
Fly like tinker-bell and ring a bell, here’s something to think about
Cause she couldn’t careless what you drink up out
A well rounded performer where some will cut corners
He rocking for bonus no matter how enormous
He tackling opponents not flanking for Stormers
Smoking with stoners lounging with loafers
Act like a grown-up they threaten to disown us
With no money to loan us necessity lawless stay focused
Watch out for the bogus hocus pocus
Shady corporates out for all your green


Bridge (Philani)

Usemcane wemfan’ wam’ thina sihamba ngofast lane
Usemcane wemfan’ wam’ awusoze wasthola kuslow lane
Usemcane wemfan’ wam’ thina sihamba ngofast lane
Usemcane wemfan’ wam’ awusoze wasthola kuslow lane

Verse 2 (Zakwe)

Aha Ngyizwa ngaphakathi nja yam’ let’s do this

The dopest lyricism is now vivid
Causing a stampede when I'm in da building
Kukhophoza umfazi athi kudala balindile
Zwana nje twa, ngigadla behlinile
According to what I know
Dopeness is underground, high and low
Bathi ikasi livukile siyaphanda more
Maak a rasi, sivukuze ophaka jo
Yeah, you gotta know
Awuthule ubheke bo, yim lo
Bafana abancane, ziyotholana empini bo
Ngoba zaqala zaphakama iyingadla niyoyikhomba emakini bo
Zwana la, the comeback is now strong, I'm in it for
A million, or even more
So we gotta be the illest, who did it
From the beginning, Jehovah has been the witness
Call me a pilgrim, when paying a visit
They feel me and big me up, what a feeling
Done did it it’s over now
Higher we go with a sober mind
Aniyekele umona manibona abolova, bekhonkotha sho, samabhova la

Hook X2