(Verse 1)
Yeah we balling
Ancestors close to my ringing tone, issa calling
Had a hot box with the long bong always on the top, y'all think I'm falling
Now you thinks I'm Ricky Rossing
Got me eating all this pie without giving no portion
Ohw Shit!
Everybody on the low
Lemme go
Up in the sky so I could be your god you know
Made a close up, but still ya'aint close,
Took a different route with a different sound
Attention seekers see me ball
2019 I'm cashing out
Cos I'm ballin yeah

Lord your kids are really testing me
Took a while to come and prove this shit I'm doing yeah
All these hoes were busy bragging
Now they finna gimme love because I'm cashing

Ballin Ballin never gonna stop
Yeah we Ballin Ballin never gonna stop
Told my mommy that I'm gonna blow, im never gonna flop (yeah yeah)
Ballin Ballin never gonna stop

(Verse 2)
Lemme tell you this
I got it on the flow
Got it on the glow
Everybody thinkin that they know
Lonner Supernnova
Fuck it
Every time I get to glow
Bitches wanna phone
Funny how they say they always missing Lonner Supernnova
Ohw shit, ohw shit
With no college diploma
They gon know who is Lonner
Gonna ball till get older

And y'all lil niggers wanna clone
Fuck it let it go
Platinum Stones in these hoes
And everybody jinxing things I speak
Motherfucker note this cos I'm ballin yeah
I'mma roll myself something peaceful yeah
Blow the clouds and play this in background yeah
I'mma keep it whole
Dancing with my bros
I'll forever b a l l