Running to Midnight

On 1 July 2011, Locnville released their second studio album titled Running To Midnight. The brothers started an official “one-hundred day countdown”, a move made to create a hype towards the build-up of the release. The move proved to be a successful one with social media networks, including Facebook and Twitter, being abuzz with the news of its release. Various competitions to encourage the purchasing of Running To Midnight where also created.

The new album was written and recorded over 9 months in Cape Town, the USA, and whilst on the road promoting their debut album across Europe.

In an interview, one of the twins, Andrew, stated that the new album was “much more relevant to where we are now”. The other twin, Brian, added that the new album is “not our previous album”; saying in so many words that the new album brought with it new sound and “a seriously intense and fun story”


# Title Length
2 Kingdom Come 4:56
3 Stars Above You 4:11
5 Little Too Far 4:32
7 5 Seconds Til The End Source 3:52
8 Clock Tick 4:22
11 Here We Are 4:19
12 Goodnight World Outro 2:01