Locnville (sometimes abridge as LCNVL) is a South African electro hop music duo. Identical twin brothers Andrew and Brian Chaplin formed Locnville in Cape Town, South Africa, in 2009. The twins are singer-songwriters, song producers and musicians, in addition to being guitarists, drummers and business entrepreneurs.

Their debut studio album titled Sun In My Pocket was released in South Africa in February 2010 and had proven to become a major success, peaking at No. 1 on the RISA South African Albums Chart and later winning them the award for "best newcomer" at the 2010 MK Awards.

Their second studio album titled Running To Midnight was released on 1 July 2011, including a high-definition music video for one of the album's tracks titled "Stars Above You".

The twins are related to the late Charlie Chaplin (their grandfather was the first cousin of Charlie Chaplin)

Andrew and Brian Chaplin, were born identical twin brothers in New York, United States on 14 May 1990 to Pam Eichner, an American actress, and Spencer Chaplin, a guitarist. At the age of two they relocated to Cape Town, South Africa, where the family lived together until their parents’ divorce in 1997. The twins then started spending alternate weeks with either parent. Eventually they returned to the United States in 2001 with their mother and finally moved back to South Africa in 2003 to live with their father. Andrew and Brian discovered their passion for music at the age of six when they got their first guitars. The twins regard the bands Pink Floyd and Oasis as big influences who's music was regularly played by their parents. Andrew elaborated in an interview: "Our family was pretty musically orientated, so I think we got a pretty good sense of melody and rhythm from a young age."