Humpy Jumpy Mandzuku

Yo, this is Loatinover Pounds, Big Big Marapyane, Sodium Carbonati, MaChanGunBaQ, Chin Chin Dimphayo(Flagellum Sphophotha)Papi Porto, Zapaepae, Juice Yako Masong, Humpy Jumpy Mandzuku, Konkrenko (Bare Ke snob)... Konkrenko!

This is for the Fam, (Sconamona Sgajaja, Sthella Mamina, Double Up Machina Vice Grip)
My Niggas (International Nyupa Nyupa, The Black Unicorn)
My Fans, (Konkrenko)
The Rainbows and Unicorns... (Humpy Jumpy Mandzuku)
Infact Ya'll Are Family Now man
(They should know that)
Nah Infact, Ya'll are Members...
(They Should Know that)
Loatinover Pounds Members maan..


I know I been down for Minute
Got on stage, nigga switchin off in 2 minutes
Telling Us To get off stage,
But the people wanna bring me.
I juss grabbed my stick, I mean
we still gon be gigging. (woah)

Nigga Screaming I'm whack
But my silence is louder than em (woah)
Spitting inside a church,
you be hearing some blessed verses (Damn)
Vessels dilating, vesanic flows
Where dem nurses. (damn)
She told me she need time and space,
Gave her the Universes

Verses so high you'll think di bethile Top'o.
I got niggas switchin lanes
like taxi driver go nale boto
He freezing cause I'm cooler than him,
Nigga tshwara bloko
Only here for the Stocko, cord'o
No time for the flopo.

Midas touch, every cloud now got a gold lining
I'm shooting star, now niggas
Wishing they was me
Nigga say that they're the shit When I'm there They be flushing
Born with a Rainbows glowing at me,
I'm forever shining

Ya'll say that there's no competition
Guess ya'll never looked up
Cause I'm higher than ya'lls ambitions...
You bitch say she wanna be mine
I told her go audition.
This is the Terms, here's Vaseline for them Conditions

Your dawgs want me more, I'm no Pedigree
They say I'm invisible, but they keep
Looking at me,
Starting to think that I'm the road
cause they keep steering (Starring) at me,
When I'm rapping they be happy,
And they like App Me,

Jawbreaker Booty ed, edd n eddy
I want that burger wet, Krappy Patty
Packing Peaches to my Palace.
Paddling like Pirate.
Flowing on some Milky way shiid
Yeah We the Dairy

Old friends got new friends,
Life Is Happening
Niggas switching up
But I'm the one who keep on lighting
They acting up on me
I mean who does the scriptwriting?
Enemies confused ohh
They hate that they love me

I'm a Unicorn,
All my verses are universal,
She think I'm driving, but I'm riding
Driving in reverse oh.
I come before U
Even This is Alphabetical.
My Lines are straight forward,
Horizontal and Vertical!

Fuck Matric Shit,
Ain't no paper, gon make me Paper.
Only Hardwork and Smartwork Is gon make your Greater.
Later, haters will always cater
Dropping Lines in between Lines
You'd swear I wrote this at the equator.

I met this Girl, She think I'm slow
But I don't deal with hoes (hoe)
Even if they come in rows,
it'll always be a No! (No)
Fucked My niggas nigga
Now you wanna fuck a Bro,
No Fucks, I'm on my periods
Did you check my flows?

They were sleeping on me,
Now they feel like it's the morning
I sleep less And Blink more
I'm restoring
Ain't no stoner but she licks when I'm rolling.
No dogmores, but your bitch want me more!

I don't dance niggas
I make zolo moves
I Got the Suteit and the Water
I'm the Juice.
Niggas we never see you,
1,25 Iron Brew!
Ain't no Magazine,
but I can make you Move,

Your Casio fake
How you expect it to be your Time,
Time Is Money, Money is Pounds
Always been my time.
Though I'm Timeless,
Only here one time for a Life Time
And in the mean time,
Make sure you keep timing on my timeline

And sometimes, I tell my Team to top It to Top
If they wanna bring me down,
that mean I'm already at the top.
He say he got hella guap
But he cheaper than the talk
Always overboard, like a Teacher Writing With a Chalk.

2018 and I'm 18
Tell Sminorff we faded,
How many times I gotta
Tell you I don't look like Jaden
All these basic Bitches
They just got me so jaded
I got faith and I believe All of Us Will Make It!

All of us will make it.
We live by faith
Not By Sight
Humpy Jumpy Mandzuku
One Time!