Elo (Prod. by Ruff kay )

Lirrow p

No Rush (17)


elo Elo
Elo Elo

Elo I'm the kid from cato ridge
I know you're broke
BT pay attention to the young God
I need me a smoke to get on top
now you'll see me cos I'm high
higher then the devil
now I'll drop my demo
now this demo who gon fuck with it

she say ain't nobody can handle me
jesus I just prey that I don't kill em all so I can have a witness .
jeez man I don't like the way I'm doing it
I'm braking seine you can call me Mr Hollywood
surely you'd like to take a pice on what I'm getting
I'm getting money like a politician
who's gone stop me in this shit
soldier on a mission

I'm the young stanna but don't ever call me bird man
I'm the young Wayne I'm gone fuck your life and turn it misrable

Elo Elo I'm thi thi thi the gentleman
elo Elo I can be thi handyman
Elo Elo lirrow-p thi better man

Elo Elo
Elo elo

Elo cato ridge Elo pmb Elo Durban
Elo wold lirrow-p is going in now fuck you if you hate me
so you hate me for that fuckn shit
look at my kidness
i can take a bullet for you put it in my pistol pull the trigger boom
blow your mind off
mind blown
that what I did to all your ammitures

tttttttttttttttt this is who I am made rased by the TV
aybo eeeeeeeee Elo wemkhulu I didn't see you there
elo ruff ky thanks for the beat
Elo L-Tee shout out cato ridge
Elo new school I hope you got them bullet proof
cos I'm about to open fire kill em all dead ammiture