Lil Treeky - Aight (Feat. Chessy)

Choras :

Call me the king X3
My Hitta's Aight X2
We killing Aight, We building the hype
We building the hype
We setting the bars, We building the hype
My hitta's aight, Call me the king aight

Verse 1 : Chessy
Call me the king
Still got blood on my ring
The niggahs are talkin' they ain't got ka-ching .

A niggah put me in a ring
Wanna fight you'll never win
Cut it through the cerebellum
Put you down 6 feet

And I'm only 15
Got my A-team
With the squad
The flow too heavy
Yeah we causing floods

Got all red on me I'm a blood straight from the Riv
Only OGz got you motherfuckers
Calling the police
Got you screaming
Oh please

This kid ain't nothing but a wanna B
Only live once
Thays the motto I done roll with
Finna roll one
Maybe take a little line
Got your chick hittin up mine

Cause they call me the king Aight
Call me the king Aight
Call me the king Aight
Call me the king

Finna flex
Don't hit the gym
Push it up to 100
Gear up
Kali clutch
Maybe slaan a little Afrikaans
Blom by my possie met die ouens
Hosh,that's the locals greetings
Got all the meat and you still all gready
Feeding on you niggahs
It's a killing frenzy
Not tryna be fancy
But I got your friends see
I'm a G oh please
hit up some good weed


Verse 2 : Lil Treeky

Featuring Lil Treeky then you know its stunting
Jamming all my tracks well you know im fronting
Im fronting and stunting man Lil Treeky got this
Stop trying hard man Lil Treeky got this

Now that sounds dope, Aight
Flow on point, Aight

Play that ish time to sharpen things up
Killing apitiet, hitta on the mic
They hating on my style, i guess i understand
i hate Lil Treeky too, Aight
The Hitta's kinda cool, Aight

When i drop bars man you wouldnt like me
Started losing fans cause i was getting better
They want me on commercial man play that
I do this for myself not even for my Fam

I said im getting money, im lying i never said that
But the day i do i'd be rich
Probably on stage
Have my high school crushing calling out my name
Looking at her eyes saying now you know my name

Im just playing
I hope those words dont bring me alot of friends
hitta we cool
My Hittas they cool , We living Aight


Outro : Lil Treeky

Yea, Aight Aight
We got lil treeky and chessy here
U cant tell us nothing
Aight X2