What the fuck you want
 from me now
What the hack you want for me shaaaz

You tackle my life and made it bleed
Even from the start you bullied me
I hate when you say you are proud of me
When deep inside you know its hating me
I gave you my heart put a nail in it
I just hope you knew
 what you broke is not worth a tag in it
It's worth more ,more and more than a anything you can even imagine
But I guess this is the start of my end and i wish I could be better then
I guess I am a mess
Am I a bustard cause I fucked up a lot of things
And spent my whole life training how to be a normal human being ,
Are you filling me , when i struggle for it ,when I dedicate
But im not perfect just like all human beings
Just duplicated they were meant for it
I spent all my fucken life trana make you happy but I know bitch you still ungrateful
You made a promise that you will ride or die with a nigga but you fucken lied didn't you , This isn't meaningful
Cause you made me promise that you gonna wait for me , we tears and still beautiful , but you fucken lied to me didn't you

So its like every single fucken night I do go to sleep
I just think of that day when I wanted to get of that train ,at that station that I couldnt even blink
When I saw you kissing the other dude and i never could got out to ask yah why  did you had to be so mean
So I heard now yoh married now but when I catch that dickhead of yours  Its gonna be a motherfucken funeral
Again and again what the fuck i ain't feeling you
For real i aint feeling you
I cant lie
 back then I used to be happy that we had a child together but now bitch i aint even missing you
Aint non for you here so you better hit that road with your stupid ass killa tunes
You say you gat in your veins and you still watch them killing you
I just cant get how your head thinks
i guess your dirty mind is running due
I could i ever knew , i was deep in love with you