Msobho (Prod. by Floss)

Lemii Loco ft Floss




We just flossing out
Msun' ka everybody
Sheeesh Ishuu

(Chorus: Lemii LoCo)

K'yaconsa, (Msobho) x 4
We drip, drip, drip 'gon drip on it (Msobho)
Just drip, drip, drip ‘gon drip on it (Msobho)
K'yaconsa, (Msobho) x 4
We drip, drip, drip 'gon drip on it (Msobho)
Just drip, drip, drip 'gon drip on it (Msobho)

(Verse 1: Lemii LoCo)

Lemii LoCo up to no good,
Demi sec, represent
Told you that I'm bout the peso,
So fuck the talking nigga cut the cheque
Swear Im 'bout fuck the game up,
Southside 'bout to change up,
Niggas better pick the pace up, Killing every track I lace up Niggas say they run my city?
Mxm, Fuck outta here with that bullshit, Walked in with some real G's & 'em south niggas doing cool shit, First single sound wavy,
Whole squad going crazy,
Whole city going crazy,
South bitches acting shady, (huh)
Baby girl don't do that,
Girl don't waste my time talking to me bout that new cat, (Msobho)
I got that kinda sauce that make niggas wana shoot back
And no I'm not your uncle but you know that Im a kool kat


(Verse 2: Floss)

Reporting live from the 6 nigga,
Feeling jiggy man, it's go time,
In the hive with B's, nigga,
Left and right, man they both fine,
F-l-oss with the dope lines,
My boy loco have a co-sign,
South boys, we the gold mine,
Been running shit the whole time,
Too many skirts on the floor, abantwa galore,
Mina ngibona makoti, isfana kaloko,
Indoda yakho is a bore,
Never takes you on a tour,
That's why I got you on my crotch,
Nigga can watch if he wants,
Sauced up with a foul crew,
Talk much with a mouthful,
Hood niggas making power moves,
That's what a nigga from the South do,
Bitch, I sip sip sip, coz that's half my name,
Better sit sit sit, and watch us drip on that (ishuu)