Lection, born Thebe Jairus Solomon Lekhonkhobe was born in Luka, Rustenburg and raised in Mafikeng. His call for music started when he was still in primary school. Lection, also a producer, worked with Thabiso Tsotetsi of Impact Sounds on producing his debut. As most artists from Mafikeng, Lection is also a motswako artist. He is notoriously known for his stage performances. He doesn’t repeat his sets. All of lection’s sets have one thing in common, they are crowd pleasers as he interacts with the audience. LECTION’S MUSICAL JOURNEY Music became an influence when he joined the choir back in high school. Thereafter he started having piano lessons at the former Mmabana Theatre, at the age of sixteen. For the love of the arts, he entered several competitions hosted by Mmabatho Arts and Culture, where at one of them he met a guitarist, whom advised him to undertake a sound engineering course. And that’s how he landed up in Pretoria, Cap City. That’s where it all began, a journey into big dreams. He started doing recordings, he created a little studio set-up, a PC, live microphone, stand and a pop-shield which was made out-off pantyhose and monitored the sound through domestic speakers, and my “studio” was up and running. He recorded different people and perfected his mixing and production skills in the process. After finally building confidence in his set-up and skills, he then began to do his own recordings. All these recordings were hand distributed on the streets, where the feeling of entering into the music industry became overwhelmingly strong. He compiled his 1st project and it was well received by the public at large. With over 3500 (three thousand five hundred) copies printed and distributed on the streets for free, He’s proud and confident to say that the carving of his name is on the streets has just begun. Lection had to be confident with his skills, abilities and professional exercises; which took him on a journey of recording and working with other artist in the industry, he believe that an artist has to go through some sort of a break-through for them to start materializing. What he say on his tracks has to relate to whatever is going on in your community, life and so forth, so basically he was going through a lot of stages in terms of production(s)and musically. Well the creativity never stops, he keeps on adding track on top existing track to improve the standard of his music in addition he’s one person who believes in an independent mind that see’s and plans ahead.



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