360 ,Yah Yah Man We Back

Bounce in and bounce back I'm gone
Laster the dawg of em all
My city is full of em foes
But f*ck that I'm digging they graves
I'm brave, they showed me the cage
She told me she crave
Wait, my blisters are blessings no bate.

Yeah eyy, you jumped on my phone you dig it don't ask me go through it I'm gone.
You seeking for peace in pieces of pain you breaking your bones
I'm living the life of the cones(whoa)

I might be wrong if I tell you to tell me about bragging the host
I might be strong if I pass through the pain I soaked in Coast.
I might be long if I'm counting the tears I shed in South Coast
She might be mad if she sucking the toes for the smash of the Goat
Some of the breathers are feeding of breeds for leaving the slot
Your niggaz are reaching for spot and lickin' em dicks for clout.
S.U the crew of the kings been muted I'm worrying em foes for that
Ray Hurd just told me to put it together they gossiping I'm having nice time I'm loud
I am the topic I'm epic on Apex
They spreading the score you know that I'm proud
If I'm above then blame is on those who gave me the crown.

Laster, Okay, huh!
Either you know me or not I'm I'll my skills are crawling like Grandma I'm sorry for sorry no stories (hey , 360)
Been ringing for prices but f*ck that I'm back on my shoes no groaning
Clean shit I'm cloning
Click shit no stalking
If really the world is ending then God is unfair
City of Gold I'm gunning for greatness I'm balling
Nikka I'm hawking
Nikka you boring
Buddy you falling.

Laster la dawg go follow the dog
One take no falling we go.