Take My Time

[Chorus: Tellaman]
I take my time
I'm in my own lane
I could give a fuck about yours
I got my own plate
My old girlfriend left
'Cause I can't take her on a date
Fuck safe, I wanna be great
I take my time with it
I spend my last dime on it
I commit a crime for it
That's on my life homey, that's on my life

[Verse 1: Lastee]
It's time to squeeze and pull the trigger
Like I don't give a fuck, I pull up my zipper
All I'm tryna do is blow up your speakers
On my way I'm tryna make me some Klippas
I know a lotta you were doubtin' a nigga
Kick a verse that'a make you reconsider
'Cause I'm way way way way juiced up
This shit got me feeling goosebumps
Crew tight, no lose ones
Yeah we poppin' off, no shoe guns
They say my bars fit like sneakers
I'm the second to GOAT like silver
I'll take my time
Can't afford to lose
Focus while I take what's mine

[Chorus: Tellaman]

[Verse 2: Nasty C]
Okay now fuck all this fake shit
Fuck all this snake shit
See it all I'm on some mason shit
Saw your plate and I just ate the shit
I'm taking Ms, fuck your empathy
I'm a little way too early
I told them to ? this thing for me
There's been way too many niggas sent for me
Got a radar for my enemies
The white hoes yellin' Tell 'Em C
Got some blind nigga, let him see
I never let a snake see the green
If you had a mirror you would see the bream
I got assassins aiming where you keep the dream
Keep my day uno niggas up to speed
'Cause as fast paced as this shit seems
I take my...

[Chorus: Tellaman]

[Verse 3: Tellaman]
January 2018 I was looking like I'm from Beijing
I hit my plug up in Sandton
Haters mad 'cause I got the best team
Kill These Haters is the motto ey
All my flows sound loco ey
Never catch me riding dolo ey
New bitch look like she from Porto
I'm not part of the game now
I'm just doing my thing hoe
That's why I'm always indoors
Lotta these artists are fake hoe
I ain't tryna be part of that
Yeah fuck that, real is where I'm at
They talk about who don't like who
Man I ain't tryna hear non'a that