Jungle [Remake]


I do what I want when I want to
Ain't no rules in the jungle
I could pile up 20 ladies and make em my bundle
And I'm doing shit i be the top and you be under
Treat her like a plumber nigga,i'd stick up my plunger
I told her how I feel,and now I'm tryna get her number
And you know we getting it on since I'm a stunner
I'm doing big things niggas bathi nginehaba!

I listened to nasty C I started kinging in the jungle
Not even Kendrick Lamar can make a nigga humble
Introduced myself as Lamar and I made em niggas stumble
I'm taking over man these rappers out here say I'm stubbon
I don't blame em,I'm a young hyena
Surrounded by two eagles
To protect my big ego
And I fight the darkest evil
Believe hoe
I'm tryna be a hero
Like the great Steve biko
And Im legendary rouge appointed me a CEO
I'm royalty these rappers are my people
And now they tryna follow what I do just like a sequel
I'm living lowlife but I'm higher than the brightest star
I'm a constellation and I'm shining than the stars
My phone is ringing there's a caller on the other side
I realized that there's alot of haters on the line
You out of time and now you waiting for your afterlife
I'm on a higher category
And they giving me the glory
Man this shit is mandatory
Say this rap is like a calling
All my ancestors are talking
I swear my rap is going supernova
Destroying all these rappers like a rap bulldozer
Im taking over
They getting tired, getting older
I'm getting bolder
Took over in seconds, that's doper
And man I'm Lamar
I take these rappers apart-
When I was a kid
I never knew what I would be
I'm older now and I'm about to live my second dream
That's spitting bars and syncing lyrics on the TV screen
Keep these niggas on their toes and now they thinking on their feet
This track is on fire,I'll bet you'll put it on repeat
Toe to toe and y'all deplete
Who you tryna defeat
Nigga I hustle on these streets
I rap for money and peace
My flow a hundred degrees
I rap for money and (peace)
I'll be on top of the world like Oprah Winfrey
I grabbed the game by its balls and made it free me
My bars penetrated wall that came down with me
Destructive lyrics I've seen this you haven't witnessed-
I started rapping at a young age
A tender age maybe the 8th grade
Momma told me its a rap phase
But I took over like a rampage
Kept these niggas on their toes they doing ballet
I kept these chicks on their toes like they doing ballet
They making weird noises,four each like a relay
I bet I'm doing naughty man its touché
They shouted at me to stop I guess its too late
Watching a movie I'm chilling and sippin' cool-aid
Fuck I'm a savage
Lyric scars on these niggas,they need a bandage

When I want to
Ain't no rules in the jungle
It can swallow you,then burf you out and make you humble
Wild niggas springing out and made the jungle jumbo-