Never… never… never
I would NEVER switch and turn my back on my peeps
I would NEVER ever sound whack on these beats
You aint NEVER ever sold crack on these streets
Man you tripping you aint spitting no facts on these beats
They say NEVER ever say never coz shit happens
NEVER trust bitches that keep their lips yapping
NEVER trust niggaz that smile in your damn face
Act like they cool with their fake hugs and hand shakes
NEVER being through pain just like me
You can NEVER ever spit game like me
You aint NEVER set the booth on flames like me
You should never think we the same you not like me
I mo’ NEVER forget where I’m from Alex made me
NEVER change on my fam and act shady
NEVER step on my hustle and get lazy
I’m all about my cheques so fuck you pay me
NEVER forget my moms is the lady I would die for
NEVER snitch information to the 5-0
NEVER forget about the date and blood shed
Yeah I can forgive but I’ll never forget
I would NEVER ever switch sides and burn my bridges
NEVER betray my crew over some fakers
And I’ll NEVER choose a chick over my niggaz
I never chase chicks I chase chips money over bitches
NEVER ever being stabbed or being shot
And I NEVER ever sold crack on the block
I would NEVER pretend to be something that I’m not
It’s real talk on every line every rhyme that I drop
So I NEVER hop on the record and talk creasy
NEVER ever bite the hand that feeds me
NEVER ever ever fuck with L-Teezy
Your bars is weak and you hook ias all cheesy