Started This shit from the bottom
(Thats why we been doing , ×2... This shid everyday yeah)
Ain nobody tell me how to live my life yeah
(Don' yew ever tell coz this shid my life yeah)


My life
My health
Start that from the bottom! (YAH)
(Thats why i been doin this shit everyday yah)
Sippin lean
Smoking Weed
(Everyday )
I need that medicine to keep me going (oye!)
My niggers trana get da cash
A young nigger been on the road
Fake niggers tranna call me!
(Brow Nah Nah)
A broke nigger trana get the dough
But again this shid is my life yeah
(This shit is my life yeah)
And i Guess am Living Ryt yeah
(Guess am living ryt yeah)


And i know whats Ryt For Me'ya
(Oh My GhaaD)