King Speech

Now let me tell you how I see myself
Fuck being a star if I can be myself
The day I’m not DaKAR that’ll be my death
But my life got me trapped in this feline fest
It’s funny how these bars helped me free myself
In a pool full of sharks i should be Mike Phelps
To this I get haunted by some dreams I left
But the one I’m living now I’ve dreamt
So I go harder than most
Tryina make a killing, a King off a kid, shit in the end its a mission to keep my daughter afloat
I swear to God the game needs some order.
The other day I found myself bumping Rita Ora, bored of your flows
Its not at all for a show, no, its a call to the bold who are holding their own you know, soldiers who boarded the boat
I’m just really tryina keep real, wondered how this would feel
Pen and pad thinking which one of these beats to kill
Seven years, one award and a crew signed
They spitting true lies, I am where the truth lies
All in due, fine
It doesn’t wait for a man but I need that shit to chase me, that’s how I view time
Until I bill a milli in a night, from a city where the skinny niggas die
Made it out that motherfucker now these niggas gotta kill a nigga twice
I’m K1 til the death of me though
Fuck the charts, get their hearts cause the love is only real treasure we own
Invoice, punchlines, can you better the quotes
Boy’s words got power, check the letter he wrote
After conversations it was written down, big radio stations had to sit me down
Or Kick me out their offices like ey shhhh, keep it down
Made niggas go number 1, aint no one else should get the crown
Take it how you want it but a motherfucker held it down
Family got mad at me, telling me I let them down, and I should know better, they gon’ act like it aint happened now
You was heaven bound, how you let the devil in the house
You know they’ll never let you God, well that’s reason why I pray so hard
I thought I warned them when I told them, I don’t play with bars
Now I’m a warden making sure they don’t escape these bars
Dark skin dude, light up a room, F*ck him and you loving him to
Maw’cheka I am a nice King, wont fight him cause my prince got something to prove
They say Im underrated
But I rate it’s the blatant hatred, that helped me make it and fuck, a hater cant debate it
I only love the greatest
Shit is basic, I design my own life check the pulse(palse) that’s some custom made shit
I say Im great, they hate and I embrace it
But when I spray mase, bless the occasion
Rolling dice, tryina chase where the day went
Put your bitch on ice, uzong’thola daar skating
Catch me on the streets like, mpintshi akuna niks
But everytime I hear a beat I think of Slikour and Smakx
Will I make them proud?
Or will they hate it all
But they not around, I guess I’ll never know
Was that an act of a demon?
Cause I was only tryina show best have they seen it
I hope I don’t rap just to please them
Is you waiting on me to speak of cassper and Kiernan?
I just did, now let’s move the fuck along
I’m from a city where beef don’t last this fucking long
True greatness, mang’khuluma kanti gazi wenzani
Now you tell me ukuthi mang’thula kuzoyenzakalani
Awufuni ngingene i-venecular, awz’gade bhejane
I’m too ghetto ngathi ang’phumi ekasi eley’ one
07’ Sharp fede dropped, killed and conquered
Oh damnit, nayi ingena ingoma, akunamgodla?
But I made loot because I was busy touring,
Sprite Hip Hop tour I know you motherf*ckers saw it
08’ Akuna niks, got untwana chilling
But its okay Buttabing got a youngin living
09’ VV2 and my own mixtape
Its GO time, they see me too and everything’s great
The boy is heavenly sent
In 2010 I spoke to God and made a special request
And we made that shit work, bengingabezwa babuze
2011, Take That and repertoire grew
Had my raps hanging, thats when all these cats came in
Wasn’t in my right mind, I guess I was left thinking
Qukuquku qu, qukuquku qu,
Rally for DaKAR had these dudes running to the stu
I showed love and Tibz told me it was all me
You get a song, you get a song that shit was all free
Yeah look, I was back on track, I mean I was well trained, I was back on tracks
Lost 2 big brothers, like an urban legend, I gained 2 more brothers like fuck it, let’s get em
When I spoke fam time, it was them and me
Late nights with CashTime equalled THT
And my girl became a mom but I couldn’t see her
She was like my hood, I loved but I had to leave her
I gained another brother, he helped with a better view,
Urbantainment dropped DaKAR like who was helping these dudes
Classic shit, award winning
I swear I hear your shit and I just yell… Boring
Now you tell me what’s a king to do
You not just claiming payin’ dues but you claiming the kingdom too
Bitch, I’m the shit when I aint trying to
I been a god, its time I made it undeniable
No borrowed rhymes, no forcing time, real shit
No gold bottles, just role models…….. KING SPEECH

Conversations with myself, lies, promises
Like I don’t need no help, I’m fine, I got this shit
I’ll call on my defence, my pride, my artistry
Til all that I have left, I write, my blood is ink
uVilakazi , binda, mphephethe,
Wase Ngwede neNgwavuma
Wadla udade wabo, wathi akanyongo, akanam’hlehlo
God Guluva Guru
iForce inkulu kakhulu
Talks kum noMakhulu, get yours screw all these moegoes
Like sure, khuluma kguzu, we on tour, skguba ngestupu
Your boy’s goons are the coolest, so more ukugudluza iy’khulu
Cumon sbutha amabunju for sure, ngisho iy’phukuphuku caught on
Bathi ufuna i-beef skhokho, google iy’nkukhu my boi
Uzoy’sutha induku, goloza ukhuthuzwe inyuku, ayikhona
Smumu ungay’susi, uzoguba uthuli, nges’fuba Uyang’khohlwa