We gon take a sharp left turn
Very sharp
Stay with us
That's us

See I grow up in a place where everybody that surrounded me aint never had a thing to call their own bra.
A bunch of screw ups in a race where acting gully meant you won you're number one if you never stayed sober.
Beer bottles on the street, use the crates as the seats.
When the girls pass, ask if they can loan us
Because a beer is all we need for the demon that's within
The less we see ain't nobody can hold us
This is wrong and we knew it and we know it, still we did
Yeah we waited knowing that It never showed up.
And when it did it was a glimpse
Got dismissed fuck this shit
Why build it pass that castle lite over
And grown folk go to church
Like these kids is cursed
Say a prayer
Ai no
There's no hope la
Because the devil is alive and well and he built his hell in this place we called the corner

Lights (x7)