Hella Saucing

Hella Saucing (Prod. by Sounds by COOP & Dee Reese)

Kurtishboy ft NHLAJO-B33

Kurtishboy Singles


NM Rec presents
NM Rec presents
NM Rec
Saucing (x6)
Flexin', saucin' (x2)

[Hook: Kurtishboy]
Hella saucing
Hella saucing
I know I'm hella saucing (yeah-yeah)
Hella saucing
Yeah I'm hella saucing (nigga you know)
Hella saucing
Yeah I'm hella saucing (skrr skrr)
Hella saucing

[Verse 1: Kurtishboy]
Me and my squad yeah we over saucing
My squad is under rated
But we still over saucing
Oh shit! My flows are over flowing
Check the walk it's hella saucing
I'm so damn fly I look like flying
And I'm on top that's why you can't reach my location, reach my location
We sharing your bitch, let me not mention it
Yeah and they know it's Kurtish, Kurtish, Kurtish, Kurtish, Kurtish on the Top 5 List
This rap game is like a rubber on my dick
And I'm only fucking it cause I got a dick
I'm a savage nigga like B.I.G
The dick she knows is BIG
They thought I was lost or kidnapped but nah, I was on vacation
Why you talkin' bout hundreds? My swag is a million
Why you talkin' bout drugs? I'm smokin' marijuana
I'm a hot sauce, my sauce is hot
Me and NHLAJO got the sauce like


[Verse 2: NHLAJO-B33]
Got the juice
Got the juice
Look at me I never lose
Got the squa squa squad
And I mean the whole squad
We are to destroy you
Lame niggas are fading
Oh sorry! Are you scared niggas?
I didn't mean to hurt your feelings
Kurtishboy on the track
NHLAJO-B33 on the verse
Yeah my flow is a slung
I don't fuck with no sluts
Bluh bluh 2Pac
Baddest kid on a come up
Killin' these niggas, I'm a murder?
Me and Kurtish got the sauce like (hella saucing)


Yow hahaha... Yow man...
Yeah yeah yeah NM, NM, NM, NM, NM Records...
Yeah hella saucing man, we in the studio right now...
*beat stops*