One Like You

Issa KAP, ,One Like You,Ey Ey Ey, Ey Ey

[Verse 1]
I Don't Want You,Nay ,I Do Need You,Oh Yeh
Ey,I Die For One Like You,Yeh
My Heart Do Cry You
I Believe That Im Gonna Get You
Ain't Talking Bout Fame,Baby And
Ain't Talking Bout Game
All My Niggas Got That Thing For You

I Roll With One Like You
I Kill For One Like You
I Fall For One Like You

I Grind For One Like You
I Die For One Like You
I Do,I Do,I Do,You Know,You Know,You Know,Oh Oh Yeh

I Had The Henny ,But The Henny Is Done Now
I Got Honey ,But The Honey,You
Don't Know
Always Be There When You Feel Down
Always Be There When Feel So Sick
We Can Take A Shot Baby If You Want To
We Can Make This Work If We Want You,
I Got The Chains On My Neck,Right Now
I Got The Hunnds In My Pocket,Right Now


Its No Pretty Cool To Hurt You
Since I Want You More,And Everything That You Want,Girl
I Can Save For It ,Baby
I Say --Yay X7_To My BabyX3
Why You Running When You See Me ,
Why You Tripping When I Call You