The band's second album Lunatic was released in 2012. Kongos' single "I'm Only Joking", from their album Lunatic topped various South African charts including all three of Tuks FM's charts and received copious airtime on 5FM and on many other stations in South Africa. The music video for the song debuted on TV 5 on SABC 3 and was in rotation on MKTV. Their second single "Come with Me Now" was in rotation on both 5FM and Tuks FM. The song appeared on the 5FM Top 40 and the Tuks FM Top 30 charts. It was released independently by Tokoloshe on December 28, 2012. After signing with Epic Records, they re-released the album on February 25, 2014.


# Title Length
1 Come With Me Now 3:33
2 Sex On the Radio 3:58
3 Escape 4:35
4 Kids These Days 3:58
5 As We Are 4:44
6 I Want To Know 3:57
7 Hey I Don't Know 4:03
8 Traveling On 4:33
9 Take Me Back 4:47
10 It's a Good Life 4:01
11 I'm Only Joking 3:46
12 This Time I Won't Forget 5:45