The Warning

[Verse 1]
All they wanna do is take, take, take, take, take, take
Man I think I've been humble for too long
It's better to bury the past and just move on
Matter of fact k'dala ng'gudla since way, way, way, way, way
Forgiveness is out of the window,
I'm too scorned
Know you see me doing better with you gone
There's no use investing your time and energy on someone you think will be loyal
The devil has a way to get to the people you close to
You just got to tell it how it is
Ain't no need to be diplomatic
Ain't no need to be noble
As soon as you give them a name
As soon as soon as you give them some change
These people will show you
All of their true colours
What the fuck I was thinking extending my hand to some people I wasn't even supposed to
My ambitions of being a mogul (x2)
Now every platform they get on they seek to destroy
Chatty petty shit
You dragging my name through the mud when these folks in the media probe you
You feeling emotional whoa!

Make sure you you keep it clean when you mention my name
Don't cross the line
You'll pay the price for it (x2)
I'm willing to die for it

[Verse 2]
The game needs a restart we gotta reboot
Autie yam it's a war going on outside
Don't fall for the lies they tryna feed you
Let em know I'm a one man army
No more putting my faith in other people
Skhanda god they don't make em like me no more
Lana izinj' eyfana nami ziy-few
They can never walk a mile in these shoes
You totally out of your mind
Cabang' ukuthi iCara-Cara ibiy-fluke? (Noooh)
You ain't even a real Dj
But my dick is on your lips these days
Boy why you gotta be this way?
Heard you got a lot of shit to say
uBusy ngeyindaba zabantu ngathi ihashe lakukhahlela isfuba
Ngeke uz' uymele mangqala ngiysusa, mangqala ngiysusa
I'm a legend already ngoba lento kudala ngiy tshuna, aw kudala ngiytshuna
Yek' ipolitiki joe unama issues ekse
Mina mawungzela ngoshidi ngzokubamba ngesdudla, ekse?
I'm plotting and I'm scheming on a whole lot of names I wanna remove
Ningomafikizolo kulegame
You made a bit of money kodwa manje sesishayelwa iythupha
Bon ngoba ngiyintwan' e-peaceful?
The audacity of some of these fools
They tryna get rid of me
But I see through all that
This is a warning

Make sure you you keep it clean when you mention my name
Don't cross the line
You'll pay the price for it (x2)
I'm willing to die for it

Ukufika kwami lana wasn't easy by the way, by the way yeah, yeah
Nothing is promised
Sometimes you winning, and sometimes you losing
Whenever I'm taking an L doesn't mean that I'm defeated by the way
I know it hurts your heart to see me shining like this, like this
Believe me every second every minute
I'm gonna make you feel it
(My heart is bleeding for you)

[Snippet: Nelson Mandela]
I hated oppression
And when I think about the past
The type things they did
I feel angry
You have a limited time to stay on earth
You must try and use that period for the purpose of transforming your country in to what you desire it to be