All Day

[Chorus Sweet Kid]

You could find me flexing
On you boys/
I swear to God you boys can't test/
You making noise/
DOA is on some jujitsu dawg/
I swear to God we do it different dawg/(All Day
It's just the simple dawg/

You can find me with my ninjas (All Day , Everyday)
And When I'm on stage they just want the sugar man (All Day ,Everyday)
I swear I got the sugar man/

Chilling with my ninjas Okay (All Day Everyday)
When they see me fella they just want the sugar man
I swear I got the sugar man(All Day, Everyday)

[Verse 1 : SweetKid]

Tell me what's your prediction
When nobody ought to listen
My music is my petition
My pot is one that I piss in
My man
Soon as I hear the rhythm
I go as black as my pigment
My vision is never Timid
My man
Now show me love, show me fu*cking love
They've been playing now we sub
Getting numbers up
Product of my city I got people waiting on me to Houdini with Buzz get the magic up
And you should learn from boy
Coz my talent's full knowledge
And I guess you need scholar up
They getting bodied like I have a hug
Bet that on your life and if you want man you could double up
I'm headed there like a pillow
My passion's long as a limo
I'm covered like a gazebo my man
I'm smoking more than a kilo
My blunts is bigger the relo
My heart is darker emo my man
I thought you boys
To play with toys
Don't play with God's
Coz Mfana kithi otla'nyela
Amasimba/ anje phela angeke ngiwamel
I'm big deal
And I
Don't really know what they been thinking
I been out
This is what you really missing
I really
Run the city with some bad boys
Black heads die hard like inecto
I'm scheming
Gotta the liqueur on ice
I went number two like more then twice
I'm living
Braam lit all night
New Squad same girl DOA still Nice

[Chorus SweetKid]

Verse 2 SweetKid
They don't make like me
Women sending nudes till the they're data on E
I got the keys to happiness but keep low key
Been Ready for the liquor and the girls all day
Man I got the juice but alcohol is on me
Ready for the sticky icky dank all day
You could find these women on me busy galavanting
Yall ain't ready though
Man I told you I'll make profit with no radio
I do destroy
When I record
I'm out of norm
I'm melting gold
The pressure got me hot as coal
I diamond sold
My plats installed
In future stores
I'm indigo
And I still kick like I'm Roney or maybe Kaka
Psychedelic maneuver got Cougars up for saga
I bring it for the Winter Autumn spring up until the summer
I leave it bloody never tidy I hustle like I'm madala
Till my baby mama carry/ 100's up in her Prada
Fede madala
Kiyacava bana batlala
Banyana bana
No cuffer ntwana uskatsaba
Yep I am
Super individual
Far from typical

[Chorus Sweet Kid]

Verse 3 Sweetkid
Analog/ game changer/ pedal on
Driven on/ sounding way better then anybody on the same song
Bet yal
Sleeping on my music like king size bed
When my music comes alive
A lot of rapper play dead
I drop a Single and tape
Then another Tape and a EP
Now another tape
I'm surfing on my own sound wave
Shows packed like a Broadway
Or Spring Party