Real staff

Verse 1:
Real staff I'm curious bout it
Itself got taste thing
Not like haters hates all the time
Lemme spit it, I'm full of passion
I ain't lie that's old fashion
scannin' on visions lookin' for a perfect spot
just fell on some shit y'all ain't concert off
been through much cause I'm the shit
Chasin' shit was my plan I
Fall on somethin' reliable
barely I'm comin' back home, for some hope
on my mind is lot in it
Unfortunately can't tell it I
Own myself one
Tell them y'all I'm back runnin' round the city
I need my bag of jewels
Actually I mean I'm bout paper
That's what lill' niggas struggle for
Because of the Gupta we cool now
For the rest made official congratulate

Chorus : x2
So much on mind
Concert on some real staff
Thinkin' of rest, see myself time is wasted x2

Verse 2
Okay, done it
Lookin' at bottom seein' many niggas strugglin'
Deeply in my heart it hurts for them
Kept at the dark side, i wish them success
Fortunately for the one's who serious
Fuck those who chase them dreams further
I got wings takin' me further
Rather then seein' the hell side
I been on my grind lately
I done gone to far
Shit when my favourite dreams vanish
I think of punishin' my mind
Cause it's ....