I go by tha name of Kidd Ayyy.
And Ima RunDBN!

Ima Run
Niqqahz think that I'm playin'.
I aint playin'.
Ima problem!
Ima Run Dubane(x3)
and you scared.

Ima Run
Niqqahz think that I'm playin.
I aint playin'.
Ima problem!
Ima Run DBN (x3)
and you scared.

[Verse 1]
I be that kingpin..
N u jealous..
on that.
God dammit
thats cray!
Ima Run DBN
you playin' my track
my talent to blame.
I can make songs...
that could make u believe..
Why i be rappin'?
I gave em a reason.
I'm better than Reason!
Give me some time
and I'l prove it.
Its maybe...
Im crazie.
The ratchet be callin me baby
Im like hawermah!
She wanting a niqqah
that parties at boulevard..
Ow my gosh
Kwaze kwam'nand.
She say that I'm good.
And she thankin me greatly..
She say if she boozin that plenty...
She might drop her panty
the chicks be all divas like Rihanna Fenty
Rihanna Fenty???...
Riri my niqqah!!!
The girls be twerkin like
dont mind my business
niqqahz be wantin the molly...
like aph'amaphilisi?
My music be cray but
Thank God they feel it.
She sippin ibhele kancane
like sis uzolahla wath' sengingamane!
Tha way she be drunk la k'zophum ingane.
You know Im makin a blaze with this song.
Bringin tha flame so the audience applause.
Ima hatin' em blabbers.
Em crackers be crackin em rappers.
Em rappers suckers and rap is so crazy,
it gets you em ladies and after that babies.
She say Niqqahz like Kidd A
will one day get famous.
I'l Run DBN,now that is a promice.
My niqqahz just told me,
The game-I got it on lock.
My name-Hot in the block.
You scared my niqqah!


[Verse 2]
I'm makin a scene,
makin everyone think they be doin no sin.
Niqqahz be drunk,
makin em babies,
here comes Billie Jean.
Wake up ek'sen like "ntwana ngine nkinga."
messin tha bando
like I'm from the ghetto,
you check what I mean?
She doubtin my limits
I speak out the secrets.
I'l Run DBN!
She wanna turn up
cause Im on my grind.
She roll with my niqqahz
just for a free ride.
She aint my type so Im tellin her bye.
Wang'thela nge-wine.
She clamin Im bad
Im like WTF???
Ngumjit' onomusa.
Uzel ukuzophapha
nom' ukuzo groova?
Ucath uyababa la
lokho kuzok'hlupha!
Im happy the crap
that be blabblin bout niqqahz
be over.
Its true that sometimes
the moola make
a girl bend over.
Cause all of em rappers be makin tha money
like Ima RunDBN like it be nothin.
Give me a Motif.
and Ima be Tumi.
Im never growin up
so Im tryna be Khuli.
Look,Im God in the makin.
Oh,God Ima make it!
They say goodluck with your music endevours.
And turn up with fellas.
And kill em with laughter.
And maintain your manners.
I told my dad that I tore up my CV.
But Ima make sure that yall buyin' my CD!
Sometimes you gotta obey
on some bullsh*t
to get what you want.
They be drink em dragons
they thinkin they'll rap out the fire.
They in denial!