I go by the name of Kidd A


Ima Run
Niqqahz think that I'm playin
I ain't playin,Ima problem.
Ima Run Dubane!(X3)
And you scared

Ima Run
Durban (X3)
Niqqahz think that I'm playing
I ain't playin,Ima problem
Ima RunDBN!(X3)
And you scared

I be that kingpin
You jealous on that
God damn that's crayy.
I'ma RunDBN you playing my track
My talent to blame.
I could make songs that could make you believe...
Why I be rappin?
I gave em a reason:
I'm better than Reason!
Give me some time and I'll prove it.
So,its maybe I'm crazy the ratchet be calling me babe
And I'm like "Harwehmarh".
She wanting a niqqah that parties at BLVD
Ohw my gosh...
Kwaze kwamndandi...
she say that I'm good
And she thankin me greatly.
She say if she boozin that plenty
She might drop her panty.
Chiiqs be all divas like Rihanna Fenty
(Rihanna Fentyyyyyyy;Riri my niqqah)
The girls be twerkin like, "
Don't mind my business!"
Niqqahz be wanting the molly like,
My music be crayy
But thank God they feel it.
She sippin ibhele kancane
Like,"Sis' uzolahla..."
The way she be drunk
"La k'zophum' ingane"
You know I'm making a blaze
With this song.
Bringing tha flame
So the audience applause.
I'm hatin em blabblers.
Em crackers be crackin...
em rappers.
Em rappers are suckers.
And rap is so crazy,
It gets you em ladies
And after that babies.
She say,"Niqqahz like Kidd A will one day get famous"
I'll Run DBN.
My niqqahz juss told me...
The game,I gottit on lock.
My name,hot in the block.
You scared!
My niqqahz.


Shout out to y'all
My name is Kidd A.
Y'all don't know
how hard I've been prayin
For something different
Cause all of y'all be rappin
The same.
Don't get involved
I'm stuck in my lane.
Ain't diggin your songs...
Y'all doin it wrong
I'm guessin y'all scared.
Hebana!!!,These rappers are lame.
(Oh! oh! oh!)
I'm making a scene
Making everyone think
They be doing no sin.(sheesh)
All of my friends
Wanna see me live large.
I'm like,"Where is your chill?"
But damn...
Rappers these days
Are doin ballae.
I swear to God
Its getting all crayy.
Girls these days
They love how I swae
They love how I...
Its like I
Been livin through life
Bt life might
Put me in fire.
The hype be callin me now.
The betty be callin me brah.
She aint my type
So im tellin her bye.✌
Wang'thela nge-wine.
Hood girls crazy.
She claimin I'm bad
I'm like'"WTF???"
Ngumjit' onomusa.
I juss said,"Hi."
She thinks I seduced her.
I put on this song
The girls be leading on.
The people that know me
They getting all shocked.
Even my ex's be calling me mfan.
Let's have a party
I'm calling it down.
Bt listen...
I told my dad
That I tore up my CV
But Ima make sure that y'all buyin
My CD.
You bet...
Lento ng'zoyenza!