88 King

[Verse 1]
The king the king the king has arrived they can't survive
By dropping you top six, make it cancel five
No chance of finding remains, just crash dummies
Sleeping on me
give em the pacifier
I heard em ask if I feel I'm past my prime
Not at all them niggas done jacked my style
Now we all signed the same
On my mac hustle
Just look at how I styled the game
They waitin on me to slip up
Little do they know
That I'm the 88 king
Slash king of the switch up
One of the best past present and into
The future
I swear I owe it all to my mentors
I'm Teargas
So I could never lose my momentum
This' a new prime that I'm approaching
UFO shit
What's a player to a God
Player coaching
On my know­it­all
Looking like I barely know shit
Straight face
Make em wonder if I feel emotion
Keep the cards close to my chest
This the hand of the head case
If you wondering if I even wrote it
Plenty battle scars on my flesh way beneath the clothing
Looking for different ways just to seize the moment
It's 88 King season
Fuck your season homey
Shit I probably need a season only
And you can ask around town
I can tell you feel the need to know me

[Hook x2]
Rap's most prized possession
(Shit) I fucked the game up
The sound of the crowd you hear
Is no different from cries of passion
When you're making love
The same 88 King that you hate to love

[Verse 2]
They may not say it in words
But their actions might suggest it
Shit, I set a question that for many a night
If these rappers will ever solve for me
2012 I fucked around and went to fetch the fat lady a mic
Said I want you to sing a song for me
Sing a sing for them
make sure that they know it's all from me
This in back in the day when I was lurking in the shadow
'Til it dawned on me that the game needed more from me
We was perping the days away living unlawfully
But as I grew I realised the environment has nothing left to offer me
I wanted more from me
Same cats that opened the door for me
Would turn around and open the door and ask the boy to leave
But I ain't trippin
I'm just reminiscing
This is real life rap
If you can't listen or respond to me
I maneuver through the system
They can't alter me


[Verse 3]
They say they want the raps again
But I'm convinced they don't really know what they want
This point I guess I'm only rapping for my day ones
Who know me for snapping like crazy before I came up
Want me on my back in the day shit, 'fore I went mainstream
Always kinda knew that I would never need a day job
Living with the rapping that pays me
The kids look at me in amazement
Then there's the odd few who struggle at math
Thinking they can crack my equation
It's that X they couldn't solve for
Higher grade shit
My lack of patience had my first feeling so sophomore
I'm top floor driven started out in the basement
It would be a minute 'fore they ever replace me
I made Seven long before I was named seven on the list
Now I 3 Quarter Pace and I'm just place setting
This is real dope, not what they selling
All this playtimes while you play second