One Source

You know what time it is

Rrhaa, Rrhaa

[Verse 1: Khuli Chana]
Light a torch up
We put it up coming live from Accra
I’m here to tell you Africa no longer riding shot gun
Jesus made wine so I turn my water to Vodka
Thoughts running through my mind with a hunger to a lagger
Fire burning inside me jaaka lepaka
Who gave you that Konka
Now Re-Up, free us, see us, conquer
Absolut you don’t salute I chuck the deuce
Ha ba utlwe we gon have to faka boots
As abuti I’ma have to bless the youth
If the youth be Absolut we ready to move
Smooth season we built a swaak marina
It’s too real out here
Can you handle the God given molelo that we’re bringing
From selelo now we’re singing it’s only the beginning

God given
It’s only the beginning

[Verse 2: Khuli Chana]
This is where Ali and George Rumbled
The world now got us twisted
Africa ain’t no jungle
I think it’s time that we made ‘em listen
We are creators we we all created here
They stole our fire
They tried to eliminate us here
Connect the dots from the Northern to the Southern hemisphere
Flip the anger to passion, the pain to pleasure cause change is here

God given
It’s only the beginning