If Nyovest made a change from a Motswakolist
To up close and personal with Wiz Khalif
Why sweat the small stuff like Kieth
Watch me sink my teeth in the game
Jaaka ntsha ya mapodisa
Ba etsa kare ha ba nkitse
They got that sticky monwana, short memory
Wanna see me ke lwana and catch a felony
I got more money
More conman pocket watching me
Fickle fans
Fake friends
Broken family
If all we got is us
Then what's stopping we
I aint spoke to Towdee in months
What's this fuckery
I'm back on my knees
Ke a rapela
Soon as I'm back on my feet
Ke tlo idalela
Dima dima
Ska bua haholo
Dima fela
We make money or take money

Everywhere we go
Bari ba tswere
Bari ba tswere

I feel like Thebe at his peak cuz
Peep out my steez cuz
Till ke raga kika
Till rara a mpitsa
Till thipa e tipa
I will never give up the fight
Ke Dafita with these bars
And I will not lose or resign to the status quo
I run my own race
What you think I copped the Aston for?
I don't need to shit on dudes
But be careful what you asking for
Ntwana I dunn paid my dues
I'll holla at you when I get off tour
Mind made up like Igo Mash
Nothing lasts
But fuck it I aint going down like Vino Mash
Nuff said


Things aint the same for Motswakolista
My heads back in the game
Phakhamisa lefika
Fortune over the fame
Failure is a teacher
Talk is dirt cheap, bra
O sa isa pelo mafisa
Now I got the hood screaming, waphazamisa
I'm put off
I put on so many dudes, yes it's true
Bare "Mphe mphe wa lapisa"
Still hierso, hisa, watch me unleash the...
Chana staying power till I reach the...
Maftown Heights
Sounds about right
Speakers blowing like ngwana wa ga preacher

I been really trying baby
Trying to hold back feelings
For so long
And if you feel
Like I feel baby
Come on
Oh, come on


Dima dima
Ska bua haholo
Dima fela
We make money or take money
You got to show me, ai
Got to show me a little
You got to give me
Got to show me a little, oh
All I ask is
And all I ask is a little, you
Got to show me a little