Personal Party

Personal Party (Prod. by Steven B)

Kevin Dro

when it was hurtful (2018)

[Verse 1]
This cowboy sipping on that bombai
No alcoholic but I fvck with that gintonic

Damn i just broke up with my girl
So I'm constantly looking at my phone

with the success you know a dog gon want a bone

The boy too wavy too Droo
I did this shit unconscious, heartbroken

uska mpona keso, been puffing double cupping syrup spilling

Pretty girls gon only want more
Nasi hit me up he got 30's

The Molly The xanax
Now ain't it funny yo phone rings and you gon pick it up

She know the boy hearting she hmu like Dro i fvcken miss ya

the boy turn summer time into winter
personal party girl I only need this bottle

DAMN I need some time x2
Some time alone

Chill and Fuck it's a personal party
Gin tonic sizoyi tsehla even more
x 10