I Understand

[Verse 1]
Foreign with the work in
But all these niggas know my story yo
I can't say I'll leave the trapping no gault of conscience when mama caught me yo
Nineteen I caught my first case, few days later after my birth
I said my eyes might be low but i know where im going
When niggas brought the hate I knew what goes around comes around
Dro born way too wavey,double cup I knew I would make this sound

Like blunts we been blowing
Knees acking I've been praying
Been so focus on this work my nigga do doubt me

No foeny nigga round me, Nigga you know I'm bout my business
I understand you cause you that fake typa nigga
Been so focus on this work, there's so much pressure on a nigga
But understood that pressure builds a nigga
I understand now x2
I understand why you gon hate me now x2

[Verse 2]
That say when days are dark em niggas you with him suddenly turn their backs on you
That him try to over look you, under estimate a nigga too
One thing ama always chairich that can never stop the music
Codeine in my system hear me flowing through each flow
Ambition in my hustle I motivated by the low
47 been em crooks kruga coins with in our music