money routine

i am always on a roll
with the money nigga callin my phone
and the b****s come and go im never home
money nigga stoped calling my phone
i am never damn broke cause
i'm always on a money routine
on a money routine(7)
crystal drip all on me
gat the bling all on me
nike tracks on my feet
rolly on my wrighst
cant do it like me
kayter yah im the great
dj kabz his the king
but kayter yeah im the god
i do it all for the green
with the money all on me yah you know what i mean
im on a money routine(8)look
yeh the bling must be shinning
future me look behind me
i know the time must running
with the rolly on my wrist
i'd do it all for the family
with the world all around me
look at where they just found me
with the niggas coming behind me
i can never dout my hommes
and that b**** came before me ,yeh
she be crying bout the hommes
cause the money is all i hope for,nigga
i can never buy it fake ,cause
i'll always keep it og,yeah
im on a money routine
on a money routine(8)