Akena Taba (IDGAF)

[Verse 1]
I'm tired of these niggas
I'm tired of the bitches
They asking me some questions , ain't non' yall's business
Fede I'm outchea , re chitse manyora
And nigga otla ka makgakga
Akena nako'a manyora baikira di snae
Vele le kira mapara , yeah
I'm about to kill ya , we shooting dope rhymes with my man , Trigga
Everytime I kill it on a track , Slow be like ...
"Yeah , ma nikka"
Niggas who don't really know about rapping be always trying on their luck
Waiting for KayGee to compliment over their shit ?
Like I give a fuck

[Chorus] ×2
Akena Taba , Akena Taba (What ?!)
Akena Taba , Akena Taba
Nigga I don't give a fuck (Yeah!)
Skatlo phapha

[Verse 2]
Got Nondumiso be loving my track
I'll write you a track girl coz you got my back
Soon all you haters be signing my cheque
OK , wait for a sec
Let's talk about chicks , niggas brag about them
But they never put you as their MCM
They don't even care if you care about them
So if you think it's love , then nigga ao shem
ReeKay for who ? ReeKay for why ? ReeKay for what ?
Ngwanyana'di stunt
I'll tell you wassup , I don't give a fuck
Niggas tell me bout guap
Bare KayGee ana selo , okare letla thata
Okare la phapha , oops I forgot
Akena Taba
I should've mentioned that Havoc has got its own queen
Shoutout to The-Ra
Everytime I drop a punchline , bare ka tella
Ake makale coz some of these chicks bare ra share'a
# RonaManyoraAKasieRaJelwa
Vele Ra jelwa


[Verse 3]
Niggas be rapping bout money & cars that they don't have
Please take a seat
Rapping ain't part of the devil , ke mpho ya Modimo
Kgale ke bona ale kitse
I never back down from beef , I bring on the heat
I always conquer defeat
That's why when my ex is texting "KayGee , I miss you"
I be like "Options - Delete" , Haa
Bare KayGee ana pelo
Akena nako'a di ex
If you don't get me then thatha isgubu ufaghe ma spex
Baby when I say don't fuck with me
Akere sex , don't get it twisted
Ake makale coz some of these other chicks abaitse nex
Vele alitse
Fok jelle naairers ×4
Sometimes I just wish that I had the
Rands and the Nairas ×3
Check your account , you got the zairas
Ledi slob tiger , that's why le baeza