Hands up to all those who bough Caroline's new CD bought ... all 20,000 of you ... Thanks to the popularity of the first single "Hands," the "knockout," Caroline's new CD has reached gold status in sales. And within the first two weeks after release.

Since the premiere of the music video on Top Billing at the end of July, it already had more than 22,000 hits on youtube. And people are talking about this amazing song about the simplicity of a relationship. You do not need to do big things or money to have - it's just about that way you touch someone.

With songs from the pen of Caroline herself and Johan Vorster and Christoph Kotze, fans can also look forward to the duet with her brother Bobby, "When we were young," and the 2013 Eurovision song title of the album, "knockout" together with EDEN.

With all this exposure should the gold "knockout" soon even be greater with more than 20,000 hands.