Jakkals Trou Met Wolf Se Vrou

"Jackal marry wolf's wife" will ensure that Caroline Van Jaarsveld further captivated the African market. With five new hits album definitely a success story waiting to happen .. The album consists of eighteen tracks of which sixteen original. This is pop music at its purest with pulsating rhythms and soulful ballads and Caroline's strong voice that contributes to the excellent end product. Better than love and marry Jackal Wolf's wife, two huge hits both from the pen of John Vorster. The title track is a metaphor within a metaphor for the unexpected turns that can run the liefdespad. Better Than Love is the first single and reflects the patience and passion of the heart and serves as proof that nothing is better than love. Several of the songs come from Caroline's own pen, including There's a storm, fairy tale, Without You and Van Jaarsveld Hartedief. Caroline prove that she is not just a pretty face but also a talented singer and songwriter Caroline's dream for the album is that the music will touch people positively. `` Anything that Johan approach is a success and I believe this course will again be the case. "It worked two musical directors on the album. Juan `` Floors "Oosthuizen was responsible for the ballads and Robin Kielly was again at the helm of the dance songs. `` Both masters at what they do and I'm very happy with the end product, "says Caroline. Caroline also later this year her debut as an actress in the musical, Countryside. Two of her album's songs, Sweet Dreams and the Curtain Fall If, going on a fresh way be heard in the movie. With her ​​soft heart and cheerful disposition will Caroline van Jaarsveld still thousands of people conquer hearts!