Jynx Jynx Jynx
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
I don't feel my shit
Wait , no . Yeah I feel my shit
Still ridin' on my girl and Shit
I'm about to get it off and shit
All my niggas they enticing
All your niggas they're floppin'
Light the switches we gonn' plug-in
None of my niggas are copies
If you don't know me dawg my name is Jynx
"Divergent Mind" is my shit
And your girl wants me , she creepin' me
She said "IV boy give me kisses"
I do not want to give the kisses
Then I'ma brace my mouth like Lisa did
I'm so alive right now , she killing me
If you takin' shots I can't feel anything
Right now I don't have anything
I'm tryna make something
I don't have cash I got my family
Reason why I got to be rich
I got to stack it up and feed my clique
I got to free my dawgs from struggling
I'm making moves my clique supporting me
Your clique is shook they say "Wassup with Jynx ?"
And yeah boy What's up with me ?
I'm breaking doors , it's dooms I kill
I'm your cliques apocalypes
They wearing black and whites , they nones to me
And yeah yeah it's IV
I'm levitated now I'm high B
You can't do nothing to me I win
Vice King my nigga , you're King
(Yeah yeah yeah)
I ain't gonna fall anytime soon
So y'all better quit being jealous
I'm tryna be the bigger man
All of my niggas is blessed
Said all of my niggas is blessed
We not dumb boy we clever eyy...
We not dumb boy we clever
Said we not dumb boy we clever...ugh