Gata Le Nna

(Chorus) x4

Gata le nna jo
Gata le nna

[Verse 1]
Well it started out with a pipe dream
Kare pene le pampieri
To be a money making mochini
Ne ba sa mpone
Ba itse nkas' kgone
Ba mpone nou the same guy
Behind the story
You're not a business man 'cause o repa gape
The business plan's in my mind
Utlwa bare
Bare music is a risky business
Tshepo said that to me
So I bare to witness
Gake bare J
Kgale ke didimetse
But nou ke kelemitse
Kgale ke thlalifile
But nou ke galefile
Kgale ke maizitse
Ke butse mathlo nou check coast
Bari di baizitse
And I said neverand never again
Will i need new enemies
I would need new friends
Cause Im bringing Motswako back bigger than ever
And I'm gon' be more in your face than dikipa tea Jabba


[Verse 2]
Second verse e tletse ka ma KK
Cause bare who's J
Tabure Thabo Bogopa mixed straight with
some cool aid
So dismal cause nnete ya baba
I chose to be the HipHop mogul like Tony Montana
So nagana, qabanga thing twice about it.
Kgale ke ditsenela jo
And i never doubt it
The fact ya gore ke masepa
The fact ya gore ko ba setla
Ba bang kgale ba ditsenela mara nou ka ba feta
I told Mpho to do his calculations
You dare sign me you have no idea what you facing
You'll spend more time in court than a judges occupation
Thank for that but thanks a lot for the patience
Just in case I don't make it
We'll use my pay check
Thanks for having me back dawg
You're appreciated
Manyora aka batla
Even Towdee Mac wa Morafe knows when he sees me

[Verse 3: Towdee Mac]

Gata le nna
We tswak it up my baby so tswaka le nna
Get down if you wanna saka le nna
Ha o gana ka wena ka gana le nna
Kao bona wa mpatla so ka o batla le nna
Ha ole spidi kao fathla le nna
Hao e latlha sa nagana ke tlo e latlha le nna
Yes, sit back and let me do my thing
You know dints hang hap sa tsebe kena styling
T.O. Double sabole ya masiteng
Fighting for the right thing mo life'eng
Nice things short skirt light skin
25 things
Chickin licken Hotwing
Tasty fly things
The kinda things good life brings
Ska gata man busa, busa daai deng!


[Verse 4: J.R]
Ke tlaletse ke bana bare go iwa vipeng
Ke tshwere ke babi
Ngwana are it's a Friday
Kare ha kena lebotha
But she kept smiling Are my daddy's a millionaire
On a le di mine
So ra checka Mamelodi and we had a good time
A jele mini skirt looking all fine
Me in a pin stripe suit that B.E.E type
You know I'm bringing sexy back so buss daai style