JR’s ‘Show Dem’ is arguably the most quoted South African track of the year. Just about everyone I can think of has said ‘show dem’ or ‘make the circle bigger’ at least once this year. In fact, its become painfully passé and has perhaps distracted from the diverse musical career of one of South Africa’s most talented hip-hoppers.

Having listened to ColourFULL through a few times, a few things become pretty clear. Firstly, by contrast to popular belief around the success of ‘Show Dem’, JR is NOT a one-hit wonder. Yet, by the very seem token, JR’s ColourFULL is a poorly rounded album, which, let’s cut to the chase, slumps into the realm of boredom towards the latter half of the album, with poorly executed ideas and song composition. That being said…

… If this album were only 8 tracks long, it would still be worth buying...


Title Length
Show Dem 4:00