Manqoba (The Victorious)

When I look at all the choices I made in my life
It’s like some natural law
When they bring me trouble and strife
I find my way to your door
Like a wheel , turning round and round
I always find you
And lay my head down
We’re like some warriors from some forgotten war
Recalling songs from a long forgotten shore

Yithi umanqoba
Yithi umanqoba
Sesanqoba izizwe
Uma ufuna thina
Woza uzodela inkani

Once we were warriors
Now we are the playthings of fortune
We always stood on solid ground
Standing back to back
To the wind we threw caution
Nothing could bring our hearts down
Now I sometimes feel we are nowhere bound
Then I hear an old familiar sound
It’s a song from a time when we were kings
Conquered the world and flew on eagle’s wings


Yesterday’s gone and tomorrow is just a dream
All we have is NOW
Nobody knows where the time goes , where the time goes ….